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Amir Shariat

Amir Shariat has endlessly dedicated himself to many arts and cultural organizations throughout the course of his career as an art collector, advisor, and curator. During his tenure on the boards of Tate Patrons and Tate Young Patrons, Amir helped the London-based modern arts institution acquire new works for its permanent collection, fund and execute unprecedented exhibitions, and make the facilities more accessible to visitors with physical disabilities. Amir has also supported many other arts organizations, including Artangel, a contemporary arts group pioneering the current paradigm of exhibition and installation. He has also supported other organizations including (but not limited to) the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Camden Arts Centre, and Art Dubai.

As the son of an art dealer, Amir grew up surrounded by art, particularly works by the old masters, his father’s specialty. His father’s influence undoubtedly shaped his own quest into the art world. Once Amir completed college, he spent time building his career in investment banking, while collecting art on his own. After some time, Amir had gathered a selection of pieces created by emerging artists, several of which have gone on to establish themselves as significant contributors to contemporary art discourse. Amir has donated works from his private collection to many art institutions across Europe. To this day, he continues to contribute to museums and other institutions when possible.

As an art advisor, Amir often consults with investor looking to grow their collections. As a curator, he regularly organizes shows in Europe and the United States. His most recent shows include group exhibitions like “Eye Know,” at Vienna’s Das Hochhause Herrengasse, and “TALKlikeSEX,” at TBD Gallery in New York City.